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The common European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus).

[Middle English sperlinge, from Old French esperlinge, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch spierlinc.]


n, pl -lings or -ling
1. (Animals) the European smelt. See smelt2
2. (Animals) a young herring
[C14 sperlynge, from Old French esperling, from Middle Dutch spierlinc, from spier young shoot]


(ˈspɑr lɪŋ)

n., pl. -lings, (esp. collectively) -ling.
the European smelt, Osmerus eperlanus.
[1275–1325; Middle English sperlynge < Old French esperlinge < Germanic; compare German Spierling]
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Noun1.sparling - common smelt of Europe
Osmerus eperlanus, sparling, European smelt - the common smelt of Europe
smelt - small cold-water silvery fish; migrate between salt and fresh water
2.sparling - the common smelt of Europe
smelt - small trout-like silvery marine or freshwater food fishes of cold northern waters
genus Osmerus, Osmerus - type genus of the Osmeridae
European smelt, sparling - common smelt of Europe
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