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tr.v. spayed, spay·ing, spays
To remove surgically the ovaries of (an animal).

[Middle English spaien, from Anglo-Norman espeier, to cut with a sword, from espee, sword, from Latin spatha; see spathe.]
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Noun1.spaying - neutering a female by removing the ovaries
altering, neutering, fixing - the sterilization of an animal; "they took him to the vet for neutering"
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Local governments are better positioned than the state to promote the spaying and neutering of pets.
LAHORE -- The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) observed World Spay Day to create awareness about controlling the increasing population of stray dogs through spaying (neutering) here on Tuesday.
With a mission to provide spaying or neutering to every cat that needs it, The Feline Fix encourages people of all means to take advantage of their affordable spay and neuter services, low-cost vaccinations and microchipping.
Spaying and neutering also reduces strays and overpopulation in shelters.
The cost of spaying a female aspin is P1,500 while neutering a male aspin is P1,000.
As your dog is 11 months old, I would recommend spaying her three months after her last season.
When she retired from her human services job in 2006, she and some other animal welfare advocates got a $57,000 Pet Smart Charity grant to pay for the spaying and neutering of 1,000 cats.
Instead, the city's code enforcement officer is advocating for the spaying and neutering of stray and feral cats that have been abandoned in her rural community.
The percentage of animals being adopted from shelters is surprisingly low, around 10 - 20 percent, so we want to educate people about the importance of spaying or neutering as a way to reduce pet over-population and improve animal health and well-being.
For example, spaying prevents pyometra, which affects a full quarter of all intact females by age 10.
But I've heard spaying a female before her first heat period can lead to problems with incontinence and cause the dog to grow taller or larger than she would have normally.
Brian replies: Spaying involves a cat's ovaries and womb being removed and it prevents unwanted kittens and heat cycles.