Specific legacy

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(Law) a bequest of a particular thing, as of a particular animal or piece of furniture, specified and distinguished from all others.

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16 per share net benefit related to a tax item and the gain on sale of RidgeWorth, partially offset by the resolution of specific legacy mortgage-related matters.
Excluding the $179 million in specific legacy mortgage-related operating losses incurred in the second quarter and the $36 million legacy affordable housing impairment in the first quarter, noninterest expense increased $17 million sequentially.
Assess the Impacts: In looking more closely at the decommissioning of specific legacy systems, project teams should conduct a detailed process and data impact analysis.
The new research showed that insects leave a specific legacy that remains in the soil after they have fed on a plant.
Such products typically focused on specific legacy platforms or a limited number of applications.
In so doing, she produces a strong account of that more specific legacy, threading her way through some of the most promising elements of ecofeminist thought: its (generally) well-developed analyses of the conceptual frameworks of value dualism and hierarchy in which gender and nature are produced and understood; its (generally) reflexive orientation, in which epistemological and ethical frameworks find their origins and/or outcomes in local social and political struggles; and its (generally) interesting appropriations of, and challenges to, critical theory, Kantian ethics, object-relations psychology, feminist standpoint politics, and deep ecology, to name a few.
The company's global reinsurance business will remain somewhat challenged by market conditions generally, by its specific legacy issues and by the need to integrate its various reinsurance properties at a strategic level.
Consisting of fourteen drawers, each "toolkit" focuses on a specific legacy topic with interactive how-to guidebooks, downloadable forms, video tutorials and lots of helpful resources.
While issues with specific legacy payload components were encountered during the test, Lockheed Martin was able to resolve each issue prior to completing thermal vacuum testing and entering final integration system testing in preparation for delivery.
It can be used as a replacement solution for automating and managing the entire build operation or applied as a supplemental solution to address specific legacy issues.

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