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tr.v. spec·i·fied, spec·i·fy·ing, spec·i·fies
1. To state explicitly or in detail: specified the amount needed; specified what was wrong with the program.
2. To include in a specification.
3. To determine or bring about (a specific result): a gene that specifies the synthesis of a single protein.

[Middle English specifien, from Old French specifier, from Medieval Latin specificāre, from specificus, specific; see specific.]

spec′i·fi′er n.
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Adj.1.specified - clearly and explicitly stated; "meals are at specified times"
unspecified - not stated explicitly or in detail; "threatened unspecified reprisals"


adj (= particular) amount, numberbestimmt; periodvorgeschrieben; pricevorgegeben; at a specified timezu einer bestimmten Zeit; specified risk materialBSE-Risikomaterial nt
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And he signed it rapidly, after having first run his eye over that part of the deed in which were specified the situation of the house and the names of the proprietors.
On the 10th of June, the party was a little to the east of the Wind River Mountains, where they halted for a time in excellent pasturage, to give their horses a chance to recruit their strength for a long journey; for it was Captain Bonneville's intention to shape his course to the settlements; having already been detained by the complication of his duties, and by various losses and impediments, far beyond the time specified in his leave of absence.
The causes which have been specified produced at first only unequal and disproportionate degrees of compliance with the requisitions of the Union.
Glare is a leading error in the philosophy of American household decoration - an error easily recognised as deduced from the perversion of taste just specified.
The upshot of the business was, that Kit, after weighing the matter in his mind and considering it carefully, promised, on behalf of his mother, that she should be ready within two hours from that time to undertake the expedition, and engaged to produce her in that place, in all respects equipped and prepared for the journey, before the specified period had expired.
Godfrey had from the first specified Eppie, then about twelve years old, as a child suitable for them to adopt.
The dissent argued that the 1992 agreement was not "incident to" the 1988 divorce decree, because neither the decree nor the ensuing 1989 marital property division required the land transfer specified in the 1992 agreement.
The ED provides guidance to practitioners engaged to report on management's written assertion about either an entity's compliance with requirements of specified laws, regulations, rules, contracts or grants or the effectiveness of its internal control structure.
A district court in Maryland has ruled that Host Marriott Corporation is entitled to specified liability loss carrybacks for workers' compensation payments and Federal income tax deficiency interest, resulting in a $22 million tax reduction.
Along with its deposit insurance reforms and new requirements for banks and savings institutions, the new law expands the role of independent accountants, not only requiring them to audit financial statements of certain federally insured depository institutions but also calling for management and public accountants to report on internal controls over financial reporting and compliance with specified laws and regulations.
existing walls to be demolished where specified only.

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