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tr.v. spec·i·fied, spec·i·fy·ing, spec·i·fies
1. To state explicitly or in detail: specified the amount needed; specified what was wrong with the program.
2. To include in a specification.
3. To determine or bring about (a specific result): a gene that specifies the synthesis of a single protein.

[Middle English specifien, from Old French specifier, from Medieval Latin specificāre, from specificus, specific; see specific.]

spec′i·fi′er n.
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Noun1.specifier - someone who draws up specifications giving details (as for obtaining a patent)
intellectual, intellect - a person who uses the mind creatively
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Meanwhile, X-bar theory uses DETERMINER for the class and SPECIFIER for the function (Radford, 2009).
The stem-based definition, therefore, involves designation of two descendants, "internal specifier" and "external specifier," to pinpoint the oldest among the internal specifier's hypothesized ancestors that are more recent than the h ypothesized most recent common ancestor of those two descendants (internal specifier and external specifier) (Fig.
I suggest here, however, that in both uses only is a specifier in terms of the adopted framework, an element whose major function is to seek to modify a head.
USP Specifier Automates the Connector Selection Process for Dealers, Contractors, Engineers, and Estimators
What often happens is that the specifier (municipal employee or contract engineer) will gather education on various LED products and technologies.
The ads appear in the leading Building and Specifier trade magazines over an initial four-month schedule.
Kenilworth Media publishes eight other magazines in both the consumer and trade areas, including 'Jewelry Business,' 'Pets Magazine,' 'Pet Biz,' 'Modern Materials,' 'The Construction Specifier,' 'Government Purchasing Guide,' 'Government Security Guide' and 'Canadian Groundskeeper.
The ads, the first of which broke in December 2002, appear in the leading Building and Specifier trade magazines over an initial 4-month schedule.
May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The Advanced Technology Division of PennWell Corporation introduces the New Editorial Team to lead Connector Specifier Magazine.
Other magazine titles recently closed (with frequency and launch year) include: Architectural Specifier (12x, 1992), published by Business News Publishing (Troy, MI); Collision Repair Specialist (12x, 1991), an automotive title from Thomas Greco Publishing (Nutley, NJ); Exterior Advantage (4x, 1997), a building category magazine produced by Brandon Publishing (Lighthouse Point, FL); Technology Investor (6x, 2000) from TII (New York); Telecom Investor (6x, 1999), merged by Advanstar Communications (Santa Ana, CA) into America's Network; Enterprise Linux (12x, 2000), from 101Communications (Chatsworth, CA); Florida Primary Educator (6x, 1993) published by FPE, Altemonte Springs, FL; RetailWeek.
Business News Publishing (BNP; Troy, MI) has acquired all the assets of G & M Communications (Niles, IL), the publisher of Contractors Guide and Architectural Specifier magazines.