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A plural of spectrum.


the plural of spectrum


(ˈspɛk trəm)

n., pl. -tra (-trə), -trums.
a. an array of entities, as light waves or particles, ordered in accordance with the magnitudes of a common physical property, as wavelength or mass.
b. the band or series of colors, together with invisible extensions, produced by dispersion of radiant energy, as by a prism.
2. a broad range of varied but related ideas, objects, etc., that form a continuous series or sequence: the spectrum of political beliefs.
[1605–15; < Latin: appearance, form <spec(ere) to look, regard]
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Sir,--I have read with amusement, not wholly unmixed with some less complimentary emotion, the complacent and wholly fatuous letter of James Wilson MacPhail which has lately appeared in your columns upon the subject of the blurring of Fraunhofer's lines in the spectra both of the planets and of the fixed stars.
But the spectra both from planets and stars have, in this instance, all undergone the same change.
The Spectra T50 is highly reliable and stores much more data than our previous DLT system -- and we never need to touch the library," said Nick Miles, senior manager of database and storage at Peapod, which has two Spectra T120s and a Spectra T50.
The Spectra T950 with RXT is designed to scale VTL capacity from 500GB to 894TB.
The integrated BlueScale software Co a powerful, proven and easy-to-use interface providing a single point of management for disk and tape Co makes Spectra Logic the first company to offer disk-, VTL- and tape-based backup and archival systems managed with one common interface.
Customers receive complimentary, full-featured Backup Exec 10d QuickStart software for one individual Windows server when they purchase any of the following Spectra Logic products: Spectra[R] T120, T50, T24, 20K, 2K, RXT D150, RXT D350.
With those needs in mind, we view the Spectra T24 as a good option for companies seeking enterprise-level benefits at an affordable SMB price.
We congratulate Spectra Logic and the other Big Bytes winners on their selection.
Crawford standardized on Spectra Logic libraries because the libraries provide sophisticated self-monitoring and self-management features, all available through RLC, the industry's easiest to use and most comprehensive tool for managing multiple libraries.
By combining the latest technologies in application metamodeling, domain-specific languages and automatic source-code generation, testing and documentation, Spectra tools provide a first-to-market COTS example of the greatest advance in software development tooling since the adoption of object-oriented languages and UML in the mid-1990s.
Spectra Logic's former director of technical marketing and product management, Molly Rector, was named vice president of marketing.
As security for data at rest becomes a critical concern for IT managers everywhere, Spectra Logic has stepped into the breach," said Steve Duplessie, founder of Enterprise Strategy Group.