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1. A spectroscope equipped to photograph or otherwise record spectra.

spec′tro·graph′ic adj.
spec′tro·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
spec·trog′ra·phy (-trŏg′rə-fē) n.


the technique of using a spectrograph and producing spectrograms.
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the technique of using a spectrograph, an optical device for breaking light down into a spectrum and recording the results photographically. — spectrographic, adj.
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1999), atomic emission spectrography (AES), calibrated to international standards with low background limits, was used to measure 13 elements of < 1 mm size fraction of each sample and the spectrum lines were deciphered by microdensitometer DM-100.
Two years later, [18] and [2] presented a map of the Niger Delta showing the isopleths of oil concentration as measured by infrared spectrography, thus improving the information available a great deal, although not to full satisfaction.
These complexes were detected by mass spectrography, infrared, ultraviolet, and nucleus magnetic resonance.
The applications addressed in the book include, among others, a LADAR guidance system using prism pairs, aplanatic prism spectrography, a reflecting wedge prism for an optical reader, and inversion prisms for range finders.
In this work, the articulation of consonants m, n, n, n, l, l', and r in three distinctive quantities (Q1, Q2, Q3) was studied using static roentgenography, lateral cinefluorography, traditional and direct palatography and filming of lip articulations synchronized with sound spectrography and oscillography.