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Noun1.speech rhythm - the arrangement of spoken words alternating stressed and unstressed elements; "the rhythm of Frost's poetry"
template, templet, guide - a model or standard for making comparisons
prosody, inflection - the patterns of stress and intonation in a language
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The speech rhythm also reminds us of the Middle Age four-beat line, but here the lines are shorter--with only 1-3 stresses.
Speech rhythm in varieties of English: Evidence from educated Indian English and British English.
We have published the first-ever studies of oscillatory entrainment to speech rhythm by children and we have developed methods for technically-challenging EEG speech envelope reconstruction.
Babies in the music group had stronger brain responses to the disruption in both music and speech rhythm, they found.
Scholars from Europe, Africa, and Malaysia describe the acquisition of English vowels and consonants and their distribution in syllables and the acquisition of English prosody, discussing rhoticity in Brunei English and Malaysian English, the acquisition of voice onset time, the vowel perception of Polish children who moved to Ireland, the realization of English loanwords in Bangla (Bengali), the production of onset clusters by Nigerian speakers of English, the acquisition of speech rhythm in German and Mandarin Chinese speakers of English, the perception and production of stress placement in English, and prosodic strategies of marking focus and givenness in South African English.
Eastman shows how English speech rhythm prefers the alternation of stresses, i.
Finally, given the hierarchical nature of speech rhythm, some other rhythm might prove more relevant to the turn cycle than syllable rhythm.
The chapter's conclusion launches with disarming lucidity: "I have claimed that certain aspects of speech rhythm and musical rhythm show a striking similarity, such as the grouping of events into phrases, whereas other aspects are fundamentally different, such as the role of temporal periodicity" (pp.
She begins by noting that Brecht inherited the concept of movement rooted in music from Dalcrozian eurhythmics, via Meyerhold's biomechanics, and argues that there is even a parallel between Wagner's view that gesture was "the generative kernel from which both melody and speech rhythm should grow" and Brecht's concept.
Speech rhythm is readjusted on phrase level--the more moras in the phrase, the shorter their average durations.
The features of spoken Estonian, such as speech rhythm and segmental duration and their role in mother tongue instruction are discussed.
The primary disorder of speech rhythm is stuttering.

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