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1. Lacking the faculty of speech.
2. Temporarily unable to speak, as through astonishment.
3. Refraining from speech; silent.
4. Unexpressed or inexpressible in words: speechless admiration.

speech′less·ly adv.
speech′less·ness n.
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Noun1.speechlessness - the property of being speechless
silence, quiet - the absence of sound; "he needed silence in order to sleep"; "the street was quiet"


The avoidance of speech:
òögli, òögn
dili tutulmuşluk


(lit)Stummheit f; (= loss of speech)Sprachverlust m


(spiːtʃ) noun
1. (the act of) saying words, or the ability to say words. Speech is one method of communication between people.
2. the words said. His speech is full of colloquialisms.
3. manner or way of speaking. His speech is very slow.
4. a formal talk given to a meeting etc. parliamentary speeches.
ˈspeechless adjective
unable to speak, often because of surprise, shock etc. He looked at her in speechless amazement.
ˈspeechlessly adverb
ˈspeechlessness noun
References in classic literature ?
I follow you, sir,' returned Bazzard; who had done his work of consuming meat and drink in a workmanlike manner, though mostly in speechlessness.
The Very Merry Meijer event resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in groceries and gifts to Meijer customers -- with shopping carts ranging from $150 to upwards of $1,200 in value -- along with a mixture of emotions that spurred tears, hugs and even speechlessness from very happy customers.
not to put at risk the unity between employees and management by continuing a policy of speechlessness.
But when it comes to blatant Israeli aggression against a civilian population trapped in a coastal enclave with nowhere to run -- even UN refugees themsleves are targeted by precision weapons and laser-guided bombs -- there is a sudden blindness, deafness and speechlessness.
This particular affliction of not-knowingness, and therefore of speechlessness, struck all the time: lying on the couch with a boy who, when he stretched his hands above his head revealed underneath the hem of his shirt a belly that struck me as a grown man's belly (to steel myself, I went over Russian noun declensions in my head); walking inhospitable urban sidewalks alone in early evening, bracing myself against the cold wind (ya tebya lyublyu, those are the words for "I love you," I remembered); at dinner with my rambunctious family where I sat silent, teenaged (in Russian, dative case means passive voice means the subversion of self).
We have the tradition passed along, we have the wrestling with the questions, but there are some creative things that will move us into speechlessness, into tears, into heartbreak, into all of the kinds of overflowing that we might experience.
Manmohan Singh's ten years of speechlessness made Modi sound like Mark Anthony at Caesar's funeral.
He is no longer able to whimper a sentence, not even a word and not because of speechlessness but because "he is now in a big trauma," said Bahaa Yahiya, an orthopedic surgeon at Razi hospital in Jenin, where Shaer was brought for medical treatment.
Hence, sanctified by Byzantium's enormous prestige, the foreign program of silence gradually merged with the domestic speechlessness.
never suffered that form of falsification, the repetition (and suggestion of immortality) constitutive of stardom, while the muteness of silent film itself embodied a form of suffering, a speechlessness compelling the eyes to explore.
Fanny's "favourite indulgence of being suffered to sit silent and unattended to" (260) is not just the abject speechlessness of a downtrodden, poor relation, or the self-abnegating performance of a conduct-book ideal, or even the credo of a shy girl who has decided to embrace her inner wallflower.