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The speedfreak motorcycle racer and mechanic spent five months making an exact replica of the British Mark IV tank - first unleashed 100 years ago tomorrow at Cambrai in Northern France.
So it's not without a hint of trepidation that I make the late night trans-Atlantic phone call to the self-confessed "heaviest drinking, most oversexed speedfreak in the music business" at his tworoom Hollywood pad.
Gosling is mesmerising as the speedfreak loner and there's smouldering screen chemistry with Mulligan, who can barely hold back the tears as Driver confesses: "Getting to be around you and Benicio was the best thing that ever happened to me.
So here they are - culled from the pages of UsedCarExpert, three delectable hatchback bargains for the canny speedfreak.
HERE are three delectable hatchback bargains for the canny speedfreak.
Mot|rhead is shorthand for speedfreak - his drug of choice.
This means that sensible drivers obeying the speed limit and who do not wish to overtake on the inside have to run the gauntlet of the fast lane to get past, and more often than not will become trapped there when the speedfreak doing twice the speed limit sits on your bumper and you can't move over because there's a long line of slow moving cars in the next lane.
duty-free ciggies, he lights up, dips his mitt in to the biscuit tin with the familiarity of a man who no longer has to `do the weight', and attempts to chart the rugged terrain that leads from speedfreak ex-jockey to slow-burning trainer.
Motorhead is American slang for speedfreak, a fact not lost on Lemmy, a man whose doctor advised him against a blood change like Keith Richards.
Flynt (the speedfreak pornographer with a pump in his pants) blackmailed