spell checker

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spell checker

or spell·check·er (spĕl′chĕk′ər)
An application within most word processing programs that checks for spelling errors in documents.

spell check v.


(or spell′ing) check`er,

a computer program for checking the spelling of words in an electronic document.
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COUNTRYSIDE: I was pleased to find my article on apples in the May/June issue, but it seems that your spell checker doesn't recognize the word "frass.
Through combining the two functions into one product, Opera stated that Opera Mail users will benefit from existing Opera browser features, including: session restore, which saves messages if connection is lost suddenly; Closed Tabs, which allows customers to retrieve deleted e-mails and drafts; and Spell Checker, which is a new feature in Opera 10.
Even sites that prescreen fanfic and encourage authors to use beta readers and a spell checker tend to be quite lax with quality control, and only a few fan fiction archives are genuinely selective.
a poem on homonyms (the spell checker of "my pea sea") and a model of colon use: "Little Red Riding Hood had a heart of gold: her grandmother didn't live to see it.
We checked with the author concerning the misused word, and he reported that while he had indeed used the correct word, "publicy," in the original document, that word was surreptitiously replaced with the more common "publicity" by the autocorrect feature of his spell checker.
For example, using a spell checker or grammar checker may identify errors.
You can build a simple learning system that will take you beyond the spell checker and save you from embarrassment.
It works in a similar way to a PC spell checker, automatically flagging up suspicious areas.
All very well, but for real linguistic inventiveness, I need look no further than the spell checker on my PC.
Ligatures, for example, (which replace "bumping" letter combinations like ffi, as in office, with a single character) are automatically inserted, and they do not interfer with InDesign's spell checker.
Hopefully they will pay attention to their spell checker next time.
The talking spell checker can be set up to check only specific words, and it uses pictures and sound for added support.