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Noun1.spelling checker - an electronic dictionary in a word processor that can be used to catch misspelled words
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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In Microsoft Windows and Office, the computer language settings work in conjunction with the spelling checker (Barnhill, 2009).
I knew something was odd when Microsoft's spelling checker corrected my typing of Bertelsmann, the German corporation that controls most of the world's English-language trade publishing.
Two new cataloging functions have been added: an integrated MARC record spelling checker and a MARC record mender that repairs errors in MARC records while they are imported.
C2: He or she can't get the spelling checker to work.
Beiks LLC has tapped its expertise at dictionaries and other language-related software for mobile devices to develop LexSpell, a spelling checker application for Palm OS handheld devices.