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v. spent (spĕnt), spend·ing, spends
1. To use up or put out; expend: spent an hour exercising.
2. To pay out (money).
3. To wear out; exhaust: The storm finally spent itself.
4. To pass (time) in a specified manner or place: spent their vacation in Paris.
a. To throw away; squander: spent all their resources on futile projects.
b. To give up (one's time or efforts, for example) to a cause; sacrifice.
1. To pay out or expend money.
2. To be exhausted or consumed.
1. An amount of money spent on something: doubled the spend on computers.
2. The spending of money; expenditure: the management of spend.

[Middle English spenden, partly from Old English -spendan (from Latin expendēre, to expend; see expend) and partly from Old French despendre, to weigh out; see dispense.]

spend′a·ble adj.
spend′er n.
Synonyms: spend, disburse, expend
These verbs mean to pay or give out money or an equivalent: spent $30 on gas; disbursed funds from the account; expended all her energy teaching the class.
Antonym: save1


 (spĕn′dər), Sir Stephen Harold 1909-1995.
British writer whose poetry reflects personal emotional responses to social and political injustices. His works include the collection The Still Centre (1939) and The Generous Days (1971).


(Banking & Finance) a person who spends money in a manner specified: a big spender.


(Biography) Sir Stephen. 1909–95, English poet and critic, who played an important part in the left-wing literary movement of the 1930s. His works include Journals 1939–83 (1985) and Collected Poems (1985)


(ˈspɛn dər)

Stephen, 1909–96, English poet and critic.
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Noun1.Spender - English poet and critic (1909-1995)
2.Spender - someone who spends money prodigallyspender - someone who spends money prodigally
prodigal, squanderer, profligate - a recklessly extravagant consumer
big spender, high roller - one who spends lavishly and ostentatiously on entertainment; "the last of the big spenders"
3.spender - someone who spends money to purchase goods or services
customer, client - someone who pays for goods or services


[ˈspendəʳ] Ngastador(a) m/f
big spenderpersona f generosa (pej) → derrochador(a) m/f
to be a free spendergastar libremente su dinero (pej) → ser derrochador


[ˈspɛndər] n
to be a big spender [person] → être dépensier/ière; [organization, nation] → dépenser beaucoup d'argent
The Swiss are Europe's biggest spenders on food → Parmi les Européens, les Suisses sont ceux qui dépensent le plus d'argent en nourriture.
to be a compulsive spender → être un(e) acheteur/euse compulsif/ive


n he is a big/free spenderbei ihm sitzt das Geld locker; the Arabs are the big spenders nowadaysheutzutage haben die Araber das große Geld; the last of the big spenders (iro)ein echter Großkapitalist (hum)


[ˈspɛndəʳ] n to be a big spenderavere le mani bucate
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