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 (spər-măt′ə-zō′ĭd, spûr′mə-tə-)
1. A flagellated male gamete produced by an antheridium, found in certain algae, seedless plants, and gymnosperms. Also called antherozoid.
2. A spermatozoon.


(Botany) botany another name for antherozoid


(spɜrˌmæt əˈzoʊ ɪd)

a motile male gamete of a plant or fungus, produced in an antheridium.
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Noun1.spermatozoid - a motile male gamete of a plant such as an alga or fern or gymnosperm
gamete - a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes


, spermatozoon
n., Gr. espermatozoo, célula sexual masculina que fertiliza el óvulo.
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The released gametes, normally spermatozoids, occurred 90 min after the thermal stimulus and the addition of sperm accelerated the spawning process.
The fine structure of mature spermatozoids of Chara corallina, with special reference to microtubules and scales.
Dorier A (1951) Conservation of the vitality and fertile power of the spermatozoids of rainbow trout.
From these characteristics the following sexual maturity states were established: immature males, individuals lacking spermatids or spermatozoids in the testis; submature males, voles with few spermatozoids and spermatids in the testis and without or with a very scarce number of spermatozoids in the epididymis; and mature males, specimens with a large amount of spermatozoids in both structures.
The apical portion of the epithelial cells has spermatozoids adhered by their heads with their flagella directed towards the lumen.
They have concluded that spermatozoids with DNA fragmentation have considerably lowered fragmentation ability [33]).
The osmolarity of extender effect on motility and velocity of spermatozoids there is a close connection between osmolality and ionic composition on the activation or inhibition of sperm motility (Wilson-Leedy et al.
Spermatocytes round and elongated spermatids and spermatozoids were observed in the adluminal compartment.
1990) and, therefore, the expression of the cell cycle proteins may be linked to the prevention of DNA damage of the spermatozoids and the spermathecal cells.
According to a 2009 Spanish study and the University of Las Palmas, cycling for long duration can affect the shape and quality of the spermatozoids.