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The sphenoid bone.
1. Wedge-shaped.
2. Of or relating to the sphenoid bone.

sphe·noi′dal (-noid′l) adj.
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Metastases in the sphenoidal sinus in a patient with papillary thyroid cancer.
Masses that were evaluated adequately by CT (which included orbital sphenoidal meningiomas and carcinomas originating from the sinuses or nasopharynx) did not undergo sonography; each patient had all studies on the same day.
also reported that maxillary sinus was the most commonly involved sinus followed by ethmoidal, frontal and the sphenoidal sinuses which is in accordance to the present study findings which strengthen the findings of this study as 70% of the patients had maxillary sinus.
CT scan revealed that the FBSOS had penetrated through the left nasal cavity to the sphenoidal planum and reached the right thalamus, with an intracranial penetration of 5 cm as well as pneumocephalus [Figure 2]b and [Figure 2]c.
A repeat CT scan after 6-weeks of antibiotic and antifungal therapy still showed mucosal thickening and a small fluid level in the left maxillary sinus, extensive opacification of sphenoidal sinus and a small bone discontinuity of the intersphenoidal sinus.
The locations of tumors were as follows: Convexity = 9; falcine/parasagittal = 11; sphenoidal ridge = 6; foramen magnum = 1.
2] The ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinuses are usually the loci of the infection, which in immunocompromised individuals, runs a fulminant course unlike the insidious onset in healthy patients.
Tartisma metninde ise, -izin verilirse bu kismi ozgun haliyle aktarmak isterim- "In our series, there was only one maxillary sinus mucocele but no sphenoidal sinus mucocele" ifadesi yeraliyor.
Radiologic anatomy of Sphenoidal sinus, analysis of 120 surgically intervened patients
Distinctive bone lesion: sphenoidal dysplasia, or dysplasia or cortical thinning of the long bones.