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spher·ics 1

 (sfîr′ĭks, sfĕr′-)
n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. Spherical geometry.
2. Spherical trigonometry.

spher·ics 2

 (sfîr′ĭks, sfĕr′-)
Variant of sferics.


(Mathematics) (functioning as singular) the geometry and trigonometry of figures on the surface of a sphere


(ˈsfɛrɪks; ˈsfɪər-) or


(Physical Geography) (functioning as singular) short for atmospherics
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Sanderson also served as a director of development-stage, drug delivery technology company Spherics, Inc.
Paul Kunitzsch and Richard Lorch have provided the first critical editions of one of the Arabic versions of Theodosius's Spherics and of Gerhard of Cremona's Latin translation made on the basis of this.
thing this week, covering the e pub that isn't quite what it spherics of vintage machinery pping centre on less than a The authorities at Liv verpool One will probably hold up their hands in horror at Richard Deane's study of the pedestrianised South John Street.
We have a whole raft of what we call spherics - returns from lightning strikes - across the country.
Finally three imaginary creatures know as the Spherics - Kaz, Ato and Nik - were created.
Berggren's historically wide-ranging contribution ("The Relation of Greek Spherics to Early Greek Astronomy").
Grandolfi was Senior Director, Product Development at Spherics Pharmaceuticals where he led formulation development, process development, and manufacturing activities for solid oral dosage forms.
ALZA Corporation - Aphios Corporation - Artificial Cell Technologies - Avidimer Therapeutics - Azaya Therapeutics - Baxter Healthcare - BioAlliance Pharma - Biodelivery Sciences International - Biophan - Calando Pharmaceuticals - Capsulution Nanosciences AG - Dabur Research Foundation - Elan Corporation - Endovasc - Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc - Exilica Ltd - Flamel Technologies - Gilead Sciences, Inc - ICeutica - Insert Therapeutics - ImuThes Ltd - Intezyne Technologies - Keystone Nano - Labopharm - Magforce Nanotechnologies - Nanocarrier - Nanocopoeia - NanoBioMagnetics - Nanobiotix - Nanomerics - Nanotherapeutics - NanoViricides Inc - Neopharm - Novosom - Psividia - SamYang - Spherics - Starpharma - Skyepharma - Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation - XstalBio
and held a number of senior R&D and management positions with other pharmaceutical companies, including Spherics Inc.
He most recently was President and CEO of Spherics, Inc.
Within the collaboration Spherics will apply its proprietary bioadhesive technologies to improve the performance of an orally active Takeda compound that is in development.