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n. esfinteroplastia, operación plástica de un esfínter.
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The surgical procedures currently available include placation, direct apposition, or the overlapping anterior sphincteroplasty for sphincter repair.
Causes of Pneumobilia (27) Spontaneous biliary-enteric fistula Surgical anastomosis--Whipple's procedure, choledochojejunostomy Incompetent sphincter of Oddi ERCP with papillosphincterotomy or surgical transduodenal sphincteroplasty Emphysematous cholecystitis Trauma
Surgical sphincteroplasty and endoscopic interventions appear similar in outcome.
An overlapping sphincteroplasty is an appropriate surgical plan for patients with sphincter defects who are consistently incontinent to solid stool.
The Safety and Efficacy of a Less Invasive Anal Sphincteroplasty.
When surgical treatment is warranted, options include occlusion, sphincteroplasty, neosphincter, radio-frequency energy, and fecal diversion.
Concomitant procedures performed at the time of posterior colporrhaphy with dermal graft augmentation included anterior colporrhaphy in 24% of patients, anterior colporrhaphy with AlloDerm graft in 6%, sacrospinous vaginal vault suspension in 59%, abdominal sacrocolpopexy in 22%, subtotal abdominal hysterectomy in 6%, total abdominal hysterectomy in 2%, anal sphincteroplasty in 2%, vaginal hysterectomy in 10%, and surgery for stress urinary incontinence in 59%.
23) Decompressive procedures such as longitudinal pancreatojejunostomy, internal drainage of pseudocysts, and sphincteroplasty have been performed in the presence of ductal dilation with a 68% success rate.
In patients with fecal incontinence due to disruption of the anal sphincter muscles with or without neuropathy, the best first operation to try is an overlapping sphincteroplasty.
For example, some studies include patients who also underwent sphincteroplasty, which would most likely improve results.
Halverson of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation reported on 48 patients followed for a median of 63 months after overlapping anal sphincteroplasty.