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 (sfĭng′gə-lĭp′ĭd, -lī′pĭd)
Any of a group of lipids, such as the ceramides, that yield sphingosine or its derivatives upon hydrolysis. They are major components of cell membranes and play a role in signaling and regulatory functions.

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The Rossano Ferretti Prodigio Potion (Dh200) is an oil that acts as a hair supplement and is rich in Sphingolipid complex and vegetable oils.
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Ceramide is a metabolite in sphingolipid pathway of the cells that has an ability to promote cell death in tumor cells when produced endogenously in the cells or applied exogenously.
Entry of muscle satellite cells into the cell cycle requires sphingolipid signalig.
47 metabolites were found as potential biomarkers and indicated Ml would lead to disturbed metabolism due to inflammation, oxidative stress and structural damage; while GBE could effectively restore fatty acid, sphingolipid, phosphoglyceride, glyceride, amino acid and energy metabolism, closely related to its antioxidant, PAF antagonist and hypolipidemic properties.
MCC and eisosomal proteins are conserved in fungi and have been linked to the regulation of endocytosis, sphingolipid signaling, cell wall synthesis, plasma membrane organization and cell cycle.
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