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also sphinx  (sfĭngks)
n. pl. sphynx·es or sphynx also sphinx·es or sphinx
A domestic cat of a breed that is hairless or covered with a fine downy fur and was developed in Canada from kittens with a genetic mutation.

[Alteration of sphinx.]


(Breeds) a breed of medium-sized hairless cat with large ears and a long whiplike tail
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You are afraid of me, because I talk like a Sphynx.
Above the date- plumes in the middle distance, swelled a domed and pinnacled mass, glimmering through a tinted, exquisite mist; away toward the horizon a dozen shapely pyramids watched over ruined Memphis: and at our feet the bland impassible Sphynx looked out upon the picture from her throne in the sands as placidly and pensively as she had looked upon its like full fifty lagging centuries ago.
I could conjure up no comparison that would convey to my mind a satisfactory comprehension of the magnitude of a pile of monstrous stones that covered thirteen acres of ground and stretched upward four hundred and eighty tiresome feet, and so I gave it up and walked down to the Sphynx.
The Sphynx is grand in its loneliness; it is imposing in its magnitude; it is impressive in the mystery that hangs over its story.
While we stood looking, a wart, or an excrescence of some kind, appeared on the jaw of the Sphynx.
Every corpse is a sphynx of immortality; here too on the black coffin the sphynx gave us no answer to what he who lay within had written two days before:
Pickaboo, a Blue-eyed White Sphynx, looked equally unworldly while waiting to be judged.
APL) Jackson helps three families in Boston whose cats are making the holidays difficult, including a sphynx that pees on presents; a misbehaving Bengal; and an ongoing feud between two pets that may force the cancellation of a party.
The Carragher Foundation learned of her potential and agreed to support her, which allows her to train in Liverpool, play at the Sphynx Club in Southport under coach Chris Parkes and take away the need to travel to Bolton four or five times a week.
Austin, Texas, natives Sphynx are throwing a dance party Thursday at Sam Bond's Garage, 407 Blair Blvd.
A hairless Sphynx cat, called Frankie, made a debut appearance for the breed during the cat show, in Stewart Park, where he wowed judges and won five first prize rosettes.