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pig iron - crude iron tapped from a blast furnace
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Spiegel, the leading online and catalog fashion retailer, is launching their first ever SPIEGEL LOVES TEACHERS campaign, to give back to those that give their all in the classroom each and every day.
Wayne Spiegel admits that his frustration got the better of him last week outside Worcester Probate Court, where he's involved in a bitter divorce.
Bruce Spiegel, senior managing director of commercial leasing for Rose Associates, represented building owner Rose Associates.
In late 2004, Karine Spiegel of the Free University of Brussels in Belgium and Van Cauter conducted experiments in healthy men showing that forced sleep restriction for 2 days increased appetite and triggered changes in the appetite-related hormones ghrelin and leptin (SN: 4/2/05,p.
Ramping up its e-commerce efforts, Spiegel Catalog Inc.
Mike Coleman, William Hertell III and Stacey Spiegel differ in how they describe their mixture of art and music.
The high point--so far, at least--was reached in early February, when Der Spiegel printed a long essay by the playwright Botho Strauss, who, among other things, described the right-wing position as the true position of the poet.
They followed up with a comprehensive program that included not just the technology, hardware and software, but also defined the team that would make it happen and implemented the training that was needed to ensure a smooth transition,eIN said Geralynn Madonna, Spiegel Brands CEO.
As the first catalogue to bring European fashions to the American woman, Spiegel personifies a woman's everyday fashion and styling needs, creating and embodying a "signature style" in her, for her, and with her.
Theorist Edward Spiegel of Columbia University notes that the findings "don't solve the problem" of coronal heating completely.
In a small town outside San Diego, 76-year-old Charles Spiegel eagerly awaits the 1,000 aliens who will descend from ``Myton'' around 2001.
The noise level had reached a fever pitch at the annual real estate dinner sponsored by the Association for a Better Long Island (ABLI) and Commercial Industrial Brokers Society (CIBS) when Jerry Spiegel, chairman of the board of Spiegel Associates, was introduced.