spin control

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spin′ control`

Slang. an attempt to give a bias to news coverage, esp. of a political candidate or event.
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The successful training of the ESRs by leading academic and 3 full industrial partners will be crucial for achieving the headline goals of this first ever consortium on droplet dot devices: (1) Entangled light emitting diodes with droplet dots grown on (111) substrates (2) Electrically triggered, droplet dot based single photon sources on Si/Ge substrates (3) Strain tuning in droplet dots without wetting layer: photon polarization and single spin control (4) Droplet Dot based single photon sources for non- classical light storage devices based on hybrid quantum systems (dots & laser-cooled atoms).
Delivering reliably as promised, building horizontal connections, and treating workers well fosters cohesion, which allows units to respond quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, and weather setbacks with fewer losses; with rapid and unpredictable change, spin control creates spiraling costs without gains.
But a minority of voices are deflecting the spin control efforts and describing the situation as it really is.
The ADCS of a one-unit CubeSat ESTCube-1 is designed to perform high rate spin control for centrifugal tether deployment as part of the electric solar wind sail (E-sail) [25-27] experiment.
doherty Aintree in spin control Only Aintree can spin a Grand National entry of 82 as being more successful than one of 100 plus.
Her campaign staff moved into spin control the next day, explaining that Bachmann knew full well there is no US embassy in Iran today and saying she was speaking theoretically in light of the attack on Britain's embassy.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Theresa Whelan's tidy and professional precis of the American strategic perspective incorporates standard Pentagon palliatives and spin control.
Subtle levels of spin control from soft pitch shots even when the ball is forward in the stance.
The third is optically and electrically detected magnetic resonance effects, where coherent spin control has been obtained in organic electronic devices.
You can, if you feel brave enough, try career mode on 'pro tour difficulty' which disables spin control and power boosts for that extra challenge.
Its VIP forged irons are PGA Tour-quality and combine a classic look and shape with superior spin control and soft feel.
It is reprehensible that Oregon Transportation Commission Chairwoman Gail Achterman, Kulongoski, Oregon Department of Transportation Director Matthew Garrett and the Pap family have disregarded policy and now employ professional spin control to rewrite history.