spin round


w>spin (a)round

vi (= revolve)sich drehen; (very fast) → (herum)wirbeln; (in surprise) → herumwirbeln, herumfahren
vt sep(schnell) drehen; (very fast) → herumwirbeln
References in classic literature ?
Shan't I take you up, and then, perhaps, a little spin round by Tewin?
I felt certain that I heard a shot just now, and I saw you reel and spin round for a moment.
Bewildered and stunned by this blow, Jefferson Hope felt his head spin round, and had to lean upon his rifle to save himself from falling.
Sampson Brass, who was, by this time, anything but sober, being compelled to take further draughts of the same strong bowl, found that, instead of at all contributing to his recovery, they had the novel effect of making the counting-house spin round and round with extreme velocity, and causing the floor and ceiling to heave in a very distressing manner.
Ajax caught up one of them and struck Hector above the rim of his shield close to his neck; the blow made him spin round like a top and reel in all directions.
The chart-topping star took his guitar along as he joined the chat show host for a spin round the streets of Los Angeles for a special pre-recorded segment in Corden's The Late Late Show, which is being filmed in London this week.
The Hollywood heartthrob, 52, donned a helmet for a spin round the circuit before his starter duties.
Centre for Life Always a popular draw with wannabe Torvill and Deans of all ages, the rink is closing on Sunday so you'll need to get in quick if you want to go for a spin round it.
Weather permitting of course, the sun had gone in So instead of the sands, decided on a spin round the shops he would go, or maybe take in a show.
He said: "The victim was walking to a friend's house when he saw a Black VW Golf with blacked out windows driven away from the town centre and spin round to stop near him.
No, the pair haven't been bumping uglies, professional dancer Derek has been taking the movie star for a spin round the ballroom.
Now before you go getting any saucy ideas, professional dancer Derek has been taking the movie star for a spin round the ballroom.