Tendon reflex

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(Physiol.) a kind of reflex act in which a muscle is made to contract by a blow upon its tendon. Its absence is generally a sign of disease. See Knee jerk, under Knee.

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Loss of inhibitory control from the brain via the spinal cord leads to uninhibited excitation of the monosynaptic spinal reflex arc.
Expansion of the rectum triggers a spinal reflex that relaxes the internal anal sphincter so a small amount of rectal contents enters the innermost anal canal.
Neuroplasticity is implicated in causing both NDO and AD, mediated by reformation of spinal reflex arcs and bladder afferent neurons following SCI.
These include spinal reflex excitability (20), decreased electromyographic activity of paraspinal muscles (21,22), motor-neuron excitability (23), strength modulation (24,25), reflex inhibition of pain by stimulation of joint mechanoreceptors (26), activation of endogenous opioids (27), altering chemical mediators (28), and activating segmental inhibitory pathways or descending pain inhibitory systems (29,30).
15] These afferent neurons are CGRP-immunoreactive, and are believed to mediate the spinal reflex pathways to the sympathetic preganglionic neurons, and hence play a significant role in the pathogenesis of NDO.