spinal tap

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Noun1.spinal tap - removal by centesis of fluid from the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region of the spinal cord for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes
centesis - (surgery) the act of puncturing a body cavity or organ with a hollow needle in order to draw out fluid
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THE actor who played bass player Derek Smalls in classic rock spoof This is Spinal Tap is suing the film's owners for PS125million.
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Joined by Why Are Those Girls So Loud, Fingercuff, Kevin Harrington, The Rich "Amazing Dick" Leufstedt trio and Andy Cummings providing the music (and scantily clad beauties Machete, Mary Widow, Betty Sioux Taylor and Serendipity Galore provide the burlesque), Luparelli promises an evening of all your favorite Spinal Tap songs.
Friday, BBC4, 9pm Look out your spandex trousers as Spinal Tap comes to life in this documentary investigating one of the most ridiculous, yet strangely popular musical genres to emerge from the UK.
The test--which requires a spinal tap, and measures certain proteins in spinal fluid that can point to AD--was 87 percent accurate at predicting which patients with early memory problems and other symptoms of cognitive impairment would be diagnosed with AD over the next year.
THE greatest band that never was, rock parody Spinal Tap, are going head to head with rock giants AC/DC, as the shortlist for Classic Rock magazine's Rock Roll of Honour was announced.