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Adj.1.spindle-shaped - tapering at each end
pointed - having a point
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For some time past vessels had been met by "an enormous thing," a long object, spindle-shaped, occasionally phosphorescent, and infinitely larger and more rapid in its movements than a whale.
The little spindle-shaped things in the centre are diatoms and may be disregarded since they are probably vegetable rather than animal.
Not a view in the world, either at Chambord or at the Alhambra, is more magic, more aerial, more enchanting, than that thicket of spires, tiny bell towers, chimneys, weather-vanes, winding staircases, lanterns through which the daylight makes its way, which seem cut out at a blow, pavilions, spindle-shaped turrets, or, as they were then called, "tournelles," all differing in form, in height, and attitude.
The malignancy is characterized by spindle-shaped melanoma cells in dense, fibrous stroma.
Lymph nodal biopsy showed spindle-shaped histiocytes, filled with acid-fast bacilli on Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) stain, suggestive of MSP (figures 1A-1C).
Only a dozen of these spindle-shaped curiosities had been observed till recently, but eight more have now been added to the list, and researchers have also suggested a mechanism that could be responsible for the creation of these cigar-shaped galaxies.
The Vice President said that this space port on the spindle-shaped island is one of the busiest satellite launch centres in the world and catering to global needs by truly epitomising Indias philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
As they described, GP is a rare neuroendocrine tumor comprising epithelioid cells, spindle-shaped cells, and ganglionlike cells and this neuroendocrine tumor commonly arises from the duodenum.
Histopathological evaluation of the specimen revealed a circumscribed mass comprised of spindle-shaped cells arranged in Antoni A configuration surrounding eosinophilic structures looked like verocay bodies (Figure 2a).
OSPA was revealed as a well-demarcated, spindle-shaped mass that was broad-based and located beneath the superior orbital wall (orbital roof) in 11.
Solid leiomyomas are well-delineated tumors that are are introduced as connected bundles of spindle-shaped smooth muscle cells.
Myxoma is defined as "a tumor composed of sometimes spindle-shaped cells set in a myxoid stroma containing mucopolysaccharide, through which course very delicate reticulin fibers in various directions and which is locally invasive.