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1. Lacking courage or willpower.
2. Biology
a. Having no spines.
b. Lacking a spinal column; invertebrate.

spine′less·ly adv.
spine′less·ness n.
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Noun1.spinelessness - the quality of lacking a strong character; an irresolute disposition
meekness, subduedness - a disposition to be patient and long suffering
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May's spinelessness is a fatal weakness that will eventually finish her when there is no job in the country that Empire zealot Jacob Rees-Mogg isn't prepared to destroy in pursuit of his ideological obsessions.
This gave a sound and a salient message to all the terrorist organizations that now this fight of cowardice is to be held between the strongest and the weakest as attacking the innocent, unarmed children was an act of spinelessness (Khan, 2015).
Not the humanity of frailty and spinelessness that is prone to evasion and corruption, but the ennobling humanity of responsibility and strength.
His column, he wrote, was the "the product of bottomless rage, that overflows now with the striking spinelessness of the 'officials' in this country.
We welcome the result and call on the Spanish government to recognise the result as valid, and condemn the spinelessness of the majority of European political leaders in the face of this state violence.
The full extent of the spinelessness is illustrated by the fact that the account has already been deleted.
Redeeming himself in his sixties, Red Jacket fought bravely at the battles of Fort George in 1813, and Chippawa in 1814, thus disproving earlier charges of spinelessness.
After winning the kite title in a tournament, Amir's spinelessness reaches its peak when he refuses to help Hassan in his darkest hour.
NPAs clearly showed spinelessness as they attack our medical team while transporting wounded soldiers.
In the citation above when Clifford scolds Henry for poor parenting, Shakespeare also recalls Falstaff s flight and in doing so signifies the elite's greed, jealousy, lust, murderous deeds, contentiousness, vengefulness, and spinelessness.
The investigating judge has gathered enough evidence to charge to issue warrants thereto, having available, according to security and judicial sources quoted by the daily Assabah, a set of physical evidence and presumptions establishing that the attack was carefully prepared with logistical support, identifying sites and supplying weapons of crime, to which were added, to make the terrorist attack possible, the negligence, nonchalance and even a certain spinelessness shown by security officers (police and national guards).