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Any of various clump-forming, perennial Australian grasses, chiefly of the genus Triodia, growing in arid regions and having awl-shaped, pointed leaves.

[New Latin Spīnifex, former genus name : Latin spīna, thorn + Latin -fex; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Plants) Also called: porcupine grass Austral any of various coarse spiny-leaved inland grasses of the genus Triodia
2. (Plants) any grass of the SE Asian genus Spinifex, having pointed leaves and spiny seed heads: often planted to bind loose sand
[C19: from New Latin, from Latin spīna a thorn + -fex maker, from facere to make]
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It is inconceivable what a change it must have meant to this 40-year-old city-dweller, since temperatures in the Great Victorian Desert (as it was then known) were often over 45degC, as he travelled hundreds of miles through the spinifex and untracked bush.
The technology around which Spinifex is founded was developed by Prof.
Her summer show 'Tracks: Land and Landscape in Aboriginal Art' (until 1 August), focuses on the art of the Spinifex people of Western Australia.
On this trip I was intrigued by the variety of desertscapes--from sand dunes to spinifex plains to vast salt lakes to glittering gibber plains.
5 million; Spinifex US$45 million; Fresenius Kabi 120 new jobs; and Advent Pharmaceuticals 70 new jobs.
Dressed in a pale blue shirt and navy shorts, he was also introduced to other native animals, including an echidna, spinifex hopping mice, and feathertail gliders - which he also tried to grab as they whizzed past him.
The show was structured by the Multiple and Spinifex group, who have since decided to establish a permanent presence in the UAE.
They rode up the east coast, from Brisbane to Charters Towers, then through crocodile country, followed the new Normanton-Croydon railway line, and then the telegraph line to Camooweal, pushing their bikes through sand and spinifex and waterless desert.
MacDONALD, Norma Spinifex Mouse Magabala, 2013 uupaged $21.
There were no permanent dwellings but protection from the elements was provided by shelters made from boughs, shrubs and spinifex grass.
Consequently the Company approached Spinifex Uranium Pty Ltd to acquire the adjoining tenement to the west of the existing project.
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