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Any of various clump-forming, perennial Australian grasses, chiefly of the genus Triodia, growing in arid regions and having awl-shaped, pointed leaves.

[New Latin Spīnifex, former genus name : Latin spīna, thorn + Latin -fex; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Plants) Also called: porcupine grass Austral any of various coarse spiny-leaved inland grasses of the genus Triodia
2. (Plants) any grass of the SE Asian genus Spinifex, having pointed leaves and spiny seed heads: often planted to bind loose sand
[C19: from New Latin, from Latin spīna a thorn + -fex maker, from facere to make]
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Dr Pratheep Annamalai was last year awarded a Research Fellowship worth $300,000 over three years to study ways of increasing the strength and durability of construction materials such as cement, concrete and bitumen using spinifex nanofibres.
The OARSI initiative is supported by EMD Serono, Fidia Pharma, Flexion Therapeutics, Nordic Biosciences, and Spinifex.
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They then worked on Qatar Fertilizer, in partnership with Spinifex Australia, afterwhich they produced three more tv ads for Walmart USA, all directed by Marinelli.
At Mt Isa, North-west Queensland where many copper-gold (Cu-Au) and lead-zinc (Pb-Zn) mines are located, native plant communities distributed in colluvial plains are dominated by slow-growing and water-nutrient efficient spinifex and acacia species (Specht and Specht 1999; Fox etal.
Inside, a furry brownish lump is curled tightly into a ball: a spinifex hopping mouse from one of our pitfall traps.
Madison Preston and Macayla Corlis are students at Spinifex State College, Mount Isa.
It is inconceivable what a change it must have meant to this 40-year-old city-dweller, since temperatures in the Great Victorian Desert (as it was then known) were often over 45degC, as he travelled hundreds of miles through the spinifex and untracked bush.
The technology around which Spinifex is founded was developed by Prof.
2]O in the Spinifex hopping mouse (MacMillen and Lee, 1967) and the desert mouse possum (Diaz et al.
Her summer show 'Tracks: Land and Landscape in Aboriginal Art' (until 1 August), focuses on the art of the Spinifex people of Western Australia.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 30, 2015-Novartis to Buy Spinifex Pharmaceuticals for USD 200m Upfront