spinning rod

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spin′ning rod`

a flexible fishing rod used with a spinning reel.
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Noun1.spinning rod - a fishing rod designed for casting a spinning lurespinning rod - a fishing rod designed for casting a spinning lure
fishing pole, fishing rod - a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line
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It included a five-foot spinning rod and spinning reel loaded with line, and some terminal tackle to allow your youngster to spin or float fish.
After hooking a 200lb yellow fin tuna on his 50lb class spinning rod and reel in two hours and 40mins, it put my 'good day' on a hard cut for 2lb of 'bits' into place
The junior prizes are a spinning rod and a fishing tackle goody bag donated by Reg Aspinall.
They trained two sets of mice: one trained on the spinning rod for an hour and then slept for 7 hours; the second trained for the same period of time on the rod but stayed awake for 7 hours.
Young George Grady, fishing with a spinning rod, had a great day out with his dad Martin and grandfather Dennis, on their boat Missy, off Seaham, taking good numbers of codling and the odd pollock.
A[yen] Even though different kinds of fishing rods are available in Doha, fibreglass spinning rod is the most in demand.
With a banner run of the silvery sea-run fish under way, now is a good time to grab a spinning rod, a fanny pack for tackle and a pair of non-slip wading boots, then pedal off in search of "metalheads.
CHANNEL ISLANDER Dave Roberts, from Jersey, fishes two or three times a week from local shores with a spinning rod, fixed-spool reel, 14lb braid line and a jelly sand-eel as bait.
In the early days of the spinning reel I recall watching one angler who was to us youngsters a "magician" with the spinning rod and reel - if catching barrowfuls of fish made him a magician
I gave them my spinning rod to catch sweet, red-bellied piranhas.
Spin Fishing Basics: How to Catch Fish on a Spinning Rod, Even If You've Never Fished Before is a handy guide to spin-fishing techniques for readers of all backgrounds and experience levels.
He found that challenge after taking a fly-fishing course about four years ago, and he hasn't touched a spinning rod since then.