spiral down

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w>spiral down

vispiralförmig or in einer Spirale herunterkommen; (staircase also)sich abwärtswinden
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Once, we cut ourselves an arrow-straight willow rod with Dad's penknife, and we sat on the tussocky grass while he showed me how to peel off a strip of bark scored with the knife in a double spiral down the length of it, to make a decorated walking stick.
This comedy of errors goes on with every, or any, effort to patch up turns for the worse and relations between the two neighboring countries spiral down to an abyss of uncertainties and mistrust.
Thomas Reiter, director of human spaceflight and operations at the European Space Agency, said that if Russian engineers could not regain control of the stricken vessel it could spiral down to Earth within the next 10 days.
I decided to land for fuel, but being at 14,500 feet concluded it would be a waste to spiral down to Asheville, so I decided to continue to Toccoa, Ga.
The world must change or it will spiral down to a major war, much worse than the tragedy of 100 years ago which is being commemorated now.
The Elastopainters refined their record, 4-1, while the Mixers, champions in the 2013's season closing conference, continued to spiral down to a 1-4 card.