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Engineers designed a motorbike with bodywork which fully enclosed the drivetrain and featured a tall splashguard at the front.
Kenwood ensures that your cooking experience is clean and simple with its shatterproof splashguard, which allows you to add ingredients to the bowl without creating extra mess.
In all cases, the physician wore a disposable three-ply polypropylene face mask with a plastic protective eye shield that included side flaps (Fluidshield Surgical Face Mask with wraparound Splashguard Visor; Kimberley-Clark).
The seat, inner potty bowl, and splashguard can be removed for easy cleaning.
The splashguard for the motor is an added safety plus.
Made by CTA Digital, it comes with some standard features found on most potty trainers such as a removable plastic seat, potty bowl and splashguard.
The Kenwood kMix Barcelona Stand Mixer includes a splashguard and electronic speed control with fold function for minimal mess and spills.
To ensure the splashguard effective and allows liquids to drain away safely, the rear wall is bevelled and the design of the bowl is deep, with tapering to the front.
To further extend the life of the pallet truck, other integrated features include heavy duty Teflon coated Polylube bushings that require no lubrication, and a traction motor controller splashguard that deflects debris and moisture.
And every part of the Motorola RAZR MAXX is protected by a splashguard coating, which even extends to the electrical boards inside, ensuring a go anywhere, do everything attitude.
2 GHz processor, brilliant displays with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass and a splashguard coating for a go anywhere, do everything attitude, representatives said.
1 inch HD widescreen, with Corning Gorilla Glass, and a splashguard casing.