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v. splat·tered, splat·ter·ing, splat·ters
1. To spatter (a surface or object), especially to soil with splashes of liquid.
2. To cause (a liquid) to fall on a surface or object.
To spatter, especially to fall or strike something so as to cause splashes.
A splash of liquid.
Characterized by gory violence: splatter films.

[Perhaps blend of splash and spatter.]
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Adj.1.splattered - covered with bright patches (often used in combination); "waves dabbled with moonlight"; "a blood-spattered room"; "gardens splashed with color"; "kitchen walls splattered with grease"
covered - overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form; "women with covered faces"; "covered wagons"; "a covered balcony"
References in classic literature ?
A splattered stain, raying like the shadow of a bursting bomb, witnessed where a hurled glass or bottle had splintered with its contents against the wall.
However, some panels are splattered with sealant which I can't find a product to remove.
e nal pieces were created using paint splattered directly from the paint bottles.
BILLBOARDS of election candidates contesting in constituencies along the Budaiya Highway have been splattered with red paint.
The Lia Fail, an ancient standing stone on top of the Hill of Tara, was splattered with red and green paint.
Summary: Blood splattered members of the walking dead have been stumbling through the streets of Singapore and Colombia this weekend.
The Liberal Democrat leader, pictured, was splattered with paint at a meeting with grassroots Liberal Democrat members in Glasgow during a tour of the UK.
Inspectors from the CQC found blood stains on floors and curtains, blood splattered on trays used to carry equipment and badly soiled mattresses in the A&E department with stains soaked through.
Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked, and Spewed
A train carriage carrying Newcastle United supporters back from an away match was left splattered with blood after a fight involving up to 50 people, police said.
VALENCIA -- Kathi Judge splattered ketchup on her left shoulder Thursday, preparing for her gory role in a drill to see just how prepared Santa Clarita is should terrorists strike with a ``dirty'' bomb.
We should have collected and classified the paint splattered cardboard sheets and stored them and then we should have thrown away the worthless objects we were manufacturing like car parts, parts to build aeroplanes, hospital equipment, office equipment and all the artless rubbish of the real world.