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Full of spleen; irritable or spiteful.


affected by spleen; bad-tempered or irritable
ˈspleenfully adv


(ˈsplin fəl)

spleen′ful•ly, adv.
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At times it would seem that all that the characters in Tranquility need do is to cross a spleenful of verbs to have angry sex with one another to share a bot-tle of slivovitz in grudging peace or to love each other in order to drive each other mad as though madness were like small pox a disease spread through some mysterious medium of contagion.
If, as is likely, Pushkin knew at the time he wrote the Tales who the real Joseph Delorme was, then it is easy to imagine that he conceived Belkin--incapable of dealing with his household problems, bullied by his housekeeper, and too bashful to talk to women--in direct opposition to the spleenful Delorme.
I am sure that there are many circumstances which have a bearing on their spleenful attitudes towards Mr Blair and Mr Byers, how about these two for starters: