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tr.v. spliced, splic·ing, splic·es
a. To join (two pieces of film, for example) at the ends.
b. To join (ropes, for example) by interweaving strands.
2. To join (pieces of wood) by overlapping and binding at the ends.
3. To join together or insert (segments of DNA or RNA) so as to form new genetic combinations or alter a genetic structure.
4. Slang To join in marriage: They went to Las Vegas to get spliced.
1. A joining by splicing.
2. A place where parts have been spliced.

[Obsolete Dutch splissen, from Middle Dutch.]

splic′er n.
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Noun1.splicing - a junction where two things (as paper or film or magnetic tape) have been joined together; "the break was due to an imperfect splice"
junction, conjunction - something that joins or connects
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The door to the surgeon's room stood open, meantime, but the cutting, sewing, splicing, and bandaging going on in there in plain view did not seem to disturb anyone's appetite.
He was busy with a copy of verses, and East and Tom were chatting together in whispers by the light of the fire, and splicing a favourite old fives bat which had sprung.
Magnification for each fiber is an industry best for mass fusion splicing at 56X.
The discovery engine that predicted these molecules was the Company's first therapeutics discovery engine, based on Compugen's long term leadership in the field of alternative splicing.
NASDAQ:HLIT) today announced the ProStream(TM) 2000 digital splicer, a scalable and cost-effective platform for seamless real-time splicing of standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) MPEG-4 AVC (H.
The course provides an in-depth guide to testing and maintaining passive optical networks and includes interactive simulations of test equipment and video clips of the fusion splicing process.
Scientists increasingly recognize the importance of alternative splicing and the need for robust and accurate tools to fully interrogate the complete transcriptome to understand disease states.
03 (ANI): Turns out, a new method has identified splicing biomarkers for liver cancer.
So basically, we have made the connection between the process of alternative splicing and the development of this system that coordinates heart contraction and function,' Cooper added.
The heat seal butt splicing mechanism provides a clean butt splice with zero tail, allowing the spliced part to be used in the end product.
The production of these yarns is a challenging process even at the spinning stage but they make particularly high demands on the splicing process.
The host lab studies the regulatory networks that control alternative splicing in the brain.