split off

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w>split off

vt sepabtrennen (prep obj von); (with axe also) → abspalten (prep obj von); (= break)abbrechen (prep obj von)
viabbrechen; (rock also)sich lösen; (fig)sich trennen (from von)
References in classic literature ?
Much split off, and fell about on the shore, and the rest they swiftly put into a house with thick walls.
As a result, PPG now intends to commence its exchange offer to split off its commodity chemicals business in the near term with the closing of the exchange offer and merger expected to occur in late January 2013.
In the interim, portions of the original benefits package sponsored by Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman were split off and cleared, then repackaged to include a number of bills from the House and Senate.
blaze might have been sparked by a vehicle fire in a ravine below the freeway at about near Lake Hughes Road, where the north- and southbound lanes split off.
When Andersen Consulting formally split off in 2000, the rupture was final.
Boyd will join the company's new board of directors, pending federal government approval of the split-off of HUGHES from General Motors, completion of the split off and the sale of 34 percent of HUGHES common stock to News Corporation.
The sequence of our genome is more similar to the dog's, despite the fact that the dog lineage split off first from the common ancestor," of all three mammals, says Ewen F.
The Christian does not seek to bypass or split off the material from the spiritual.
Chamber of Commerce and split off into an independent organization in 1987.
In line with this plan, the Display Group is being split off as a separate company concentrating on flat panel displays ranging from small and medium-sized LCDs for mobile phones, LCDs for PCs to large-screen models for multimedia applications.
The first split off from PII came in July of last year when Eagle Publishing, a subsidiary, was spun off as an independent company.
Employees belonging to the unions SAS Verkstadsklubb (workshop club) and SAS Personalklubb (staff club) are reportedly protesting a decision by the company's management to split off SAS Cargo as a separate company.