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Having the floor levels of adjoining rooms separated by about half a story: a split-level ranch house built in the 1970s.

split′-lev′el n.


(Architecture) (of a house, room, etc) having the floor level of one part about half a storey above or below the floor level of an adjoining part


1. (of a house) having a room or rooms that are somewhat above or below adjacent rooms, with the floor levels usu. differing by about half a story.
2. a split-level house.


[ˈsplɪtˌlevl] ADJ [room] → a desnivel; [house] → dúplex; [cooker] → en dos niveles


[ˈsplɪtˌlɛvl] adj (house) → a piani sfalsati


(split) verb
present participle ˈsplitting. past tense, past participle split
1. to cut or (cause to) break lengthwise. to split firewood; The skirt split all the way down the back seam.
2. to divide or (cause to) disagree. The dispute split the workers into two opposing groups.
a crack or break. There was a split in one of the sides of the box.
ˌsplit-ˈlevel adjective
built, made etc on two levels. a split-level dining room/cooker.
split second
a fraction of a second.
splitting headache
a very bad headache. Turn down the radio – I've a splitting headache.
the splits
the gymnastic exercise of sitting down on the floor with one leg straight forward and the other straight back. to do the splits.
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Internally this eccentricity was further emphasised, with three split-levels held within steeply sloping structural bays.
It's a difficult type to work with because it's so poorly constructed, and the room sizes are way too small," says Lane Williams, AIA, a Seattle architect who says he tries to avoid split-levels.
A house with a swing set is next door, and there are modest split-levels across the street.