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You'll have a splitting headache tomorrow, if you drink much of that.
The words were scarcely out of his mouth when there was a groan, and a crack, and a splitting sound, and tearing, crashing down among the other trees came an oak, torn up by the roots, and it fell right across the road just before us.
In spite of splitting headaches he would stagger down to the plant and take up his stand once more, and begin to shovel in the blinding clouds of dust.
Straightway there was an ear- splitting explosion of thunder, and the bottom of heaven fell out; the rain poured down in a deluge.
I had the road all to myself, and I fairly flew -- leastways, I had it all to myself except the solid dark, and the now-and-then glares, and the buzzing of the rain, and the thrashing of the wind, and the splitting of the thunder; and sure as you are born I did clip it along!
Tom couldn't dive, for it gave him splitting headaches.
asked Miss Dearborn, who was very fond of splitting hairs.