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An irregularly shaped spot, stain, or colored area.
tr.v. splotched, splotch·ing, splotch·es
To mark with splotches or a splotch.

[Perhaps blend of spot, blot and botch.]

splotch′i·ness n.
splotch′y adj.


the state or condition of being splotchy
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The shots had a little bit more splotchiness and noise ( er, make that noise reduction) than we would've liked, but they still looked just great scaled down to monitor size; as with pretty much any phone camera, you're not going to want to blow these up and frame them for an art exhibition.
The spot treatment ($50) was formulated to target spots and splotchiness on facial skin by reducing brown spots and imperfections and promoting an even, bright complexion.
In 1907, Autochrome, the first practical color film, was invented, but it had problems with splotchiness and colors being too dark.