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adj. spook·i·er, spook·i·est Informal
1. Suggestive of ghosts or spirits, especially in being eerie or disturbing: a spooky attic.
2. Easily startled; skittish: a spooky horse.

spook′i·ly adv.
spook′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.spookily - in an unnatural eery manner; "it was eerily quiet in the chapel"
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Spookily, just over a year ago, What A Good Night had traded at 1.
And, it turns out, I am spookily ahead of my time when it comes to challenging manufacturers' use-by, sell-by, best-before and display-until warnings.
A DAD digging a toilet DAD digging a toilet area for his dog in his area for his dog in his garden got a shock - garden got a shock - when he unearthed when he unearthed a rock spookily similar a rock spookily similar to Christ.
com/THISCOMEDY | Tonight the Catch 22 Comedy Club at ARC, Stockton has a spookily good lineup of Tom Allen, David Trent and Tudur Owen as special guest MC.
Library Of Fragrance (or Demeter as it's known Stateside) is a collection of simple yet spookily evocative fragrances - Baby Powder or Gin & Tonic anyone?
THE DAMNED UNITED (BBC4, Wednesday 9pm) MICHAEL SHEEN, who's made a name for himself playing real-life characters, is spookily Brian Clough-like here.
But with spookily coincidental timing, her body has just now been discovered, perfectly preserved in the peat.
Spookily, the bar's terrace was the site of Coventry and Warwickshire's last public hanging in 1849, when 15,000 people flocked to Bayley Lane to see Mary Ball executed for poisoning her husband.
Summary: Spookily life-like One Direction wax figures have been unveiled.
The figures, on display in England's most northerly Cathedral, are life-size and made from strong cardboard and spray-painted with textured paint, and look spookily like the steel structure.
Just after their lavish Indian wedding, the Daily Mirror reported that bookmakers were offering 7-2 that the pair would split by December 31 2011 - spookily, they parted the day before that cut-off date.
Night Shyamalan surprised everyone with this spookily brilliant supernatural thriller.