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Adj.1.spoon-shaped - shaped in the form of a spoon
formed - having or given a form or shape
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One in a scarlet cap bent over it, steadying the jagged rock which was balanced on the spoon-shaped end of the long wooden lever.
Not having enough vitamin B-12 can cause nails to turn dark, thin and possibly spoon-shaped.
A few small, spoon-shaped leaves now cap the very ends of some branches.
Another was a spoon-shaped cracker that a pet can eat after the cracker has been used to put food in a pet's dish.
Your nails are spoon-shaped, you get tired easily, short of breath and you have palpitations when your heart races.
The G10 scales (over jimped stainless steel liners) have two pivot points on the front and two on the back, one covered up by an extra pivot in the form of a spoon-shaped pocket clip.
And spoon-shaped nails can indicate a deficiency of dietary iron.
It's the size of a heron, white and has an extraordinary long spoon-shaped bill.
Petersburg is his company's work, as are the soaring curved and cantilevered glass canopy over the entry of the MGM City Center in Las Vegas, the giant ball made of glass and steel that is the entry to the Palladium Shopping Mall in Istanbul, and the spoon-shaped glass roof of a mixed-use complex in Shanghai.
Star bakers can keep track of their favourite recipes with this spoon-shaped bookmark.
In all cases, their glossy foliage, big and round or smaller and more spoon-shaped, turns crimson during winter.
ISO 18188 covers the whole range: straight, flexible, extendable, spoon-shaped intended for slushes, or with a sharp tip intended for insertion through film-sealed containers, all these shapes find proper specifications.