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also spoon·ey  (spo͞o′nē)
adj. spoon·i·er, spoon·i·est
1. Enamored in a silly or sentimental way.
2. Feebly sentimental; gushy.


(ˈspuːnɪ) or


adj, spoonier or spooniest
foolishly or stupidly amorous
n, pl spoonies
a fool or silly person, esp one in love


or spoon•ey

(ˈspu ni)

adj. spoon•i•er, spoon•i•est. Informal.
1. sentimentally amorous.
2. foolish; silly.
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I had--as I deserved to have--the fate of all other spoonies.
The bulk of the birds shot on this popular club's site consist of teal, mallards, widgeon, sprig, spoonies and wood ducks along with an occasional diving duck.
Maybe you seek the trophy divers on the fringes, or choose to chase the massive black swarms of teal and spoonies out on the big water, where they will find your spread between gorging on brine shrimp, and resting out on mud flats that can be hundreds of square miles (the lake's total basin covers almost 22,000-square miles).
They were having fun as ruddies and spoonies and buffies and all these "others," as we called them back home, splashed into the slimy mud shoreline covered in brine shrimp and flies, I thought, this Salt Lake waterfowling scene is not for me.
Spoonies and GWTs swung past our set and as we shot, some of the coolest dog work I have enjoyed unfolded next.