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 (spə-rŏg′ə-nē, spô-, spō-)
Reproduction by multiple fission of a spore or zygote, characteristic of many apicomplexan parasites. Sporogony results in the production of sporozoites.

spo′ro·gon′ic (spôr′ə-gŏn′ĭk) adj.


(spɔːˈrɒɡənɪ; -ˈrɒdʒ-; spə-)
(Biology) the process in sporozoans by which sporozoites are formed from an encysted zygote by multiple fission


(spəˈrɒg ə ni)

(in certain sporozoans) the multiple fission of an encysted zygote or oocyte, resulting in the formation of sporozoites.
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High altitude regions have been protected from malaria endemicity because parasite sporogony and vector development are inefficient in low temperatures.
The life cycle of all apicomplexans consists of 3 major phases: schizogony (an asexual phase with multiple mitoses), gametogony (a sexual phase involving progression from gametocytes to gametes which join to form a zygote), and sporogony (another asexual phase consisting of infective sporozoites forming within the zygote).
The vectorial capacity of a mosquito depends upon susceptibility to Plasmodium sporogony, its anthropophagic behavior and enough longevity to become infective to human beings (Dash et al.