sporting man

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Noun1.sporting man - someone who leads a merry existence; especially a gambler on the outcome of sporting events
Edwardian - someone belonging to (or as if belonging to) the era of Edward VII
gambler - a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events
2.Sporting man - someone who enjoys outdoor activitiessporting man - someone who enjoys outdoor activities
amateur - an athlete who does not play for pay
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I have one client, a sporting man, who would be very likely to take it up if we could agree upon terms.
College-level collections strong in Western history in general and biographical sketches in particular will find much to like about The Notorious Luke Short: Sporting Man of the Wild West.
Critique: An impressively written, exceptionally well researched, deftly organized and engagingly presented biography, "The Notorious Luke Short: Sporting Man of the Wild West" by Jack DeMattos and Chuck Parsons is an inherently fascinating read and very highly recommended for community and academic library American Biography and American Western History collections.