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A person who writes about sports, especially for a newspaper or magazine.

sports′writ′ing n.


(ˈspɔrtsˌraɪ tər, ˈspoʊrts-)

a journalist who reports on sporting events.
sports′writ`ing, n.
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Noun1.sportswriter - a journalist who writes about sports
journalist - a writer for newspapers and magazines
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The PBA moguls were trying to avoid further controversy that one single question from a sportswriter might trigger?
A veteran sportswriter for the Union Leader of Manchester, N.
You'd think she wouldn't have that much trouble, given that most of her closest friends are guys, albeit dysfunctional ones in the tried-and-true way of sitcoms: Brendan (Reid Scott), who can't extricate himself from a bad relationship; her brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan), stuck in a henpecked marriage; loser Kenny (Michael Bunin); commitment-phobic ladies man Mike (Jamie Kaler); and Bobby (Kyle Howard), a new sportswriter to whom she's attracted, but they can't seem to get on the same page romantically.
New York Post sportswriter MIKE VACCARO on the announced detente between Yankee owner George Steinbrenner and manager Joe Torre: "And if you believe this is bound for a happy ending, then you also believe Kevin Brown is going to be the Yankees' opening-day starter next April
Wallace, a sportswriter, author of Wrestling Sturbridge, turns his attention to a story about basketball and how the love of the game keeps one young man sane.
The traditional idea of the drinking, womanizing sportswriter still exists to some extent," he says, "and I'm not sure how they would feel about an openly gay man in the boys' club.
If you're a sportswriter," he says, "you're inevitably a kibitzer.
com), the leading online network for sports fans, today announced the winner of its second annual Next Great Sportswriter competition (NGSII), a unique challenge for aspiring sportswriters to showcase their skills and ultimately gain a featured column with FOXSports.
Bob Oates, a California sportswriter who covered more than three dozen consecutive Super Bowls and was the last surviving member of the original Pro Football Hall of Fame selection panel, died at 93 at his home from age-related causes.
I think it's a bad message to send, but it's the win-at-all-costs culture that I have grown to know over my career as a sportswriter.
He won the title a year after revealing his sexual orientation in an interview with sportswriter Christine Brennan.
Enter Sportswriter, a $99 computer program that sacrifices itself to the often tedious task of writing about local sports events.