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Secured or loaded by means of a spring.


held in position by the elastic force of a metal spring


(of a machine part) kept normally in a certain position by a spring.
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Adj.1.spring-loaded - containing a compressed spring that presses one part against another


[ˈsprɪŋˌləʊdɪd] ADJcon resorte
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Engineered to be as light as possible, the unit incorporates adjustable fold down upper shelves, a spring-loaded tow bar and foot holding brake keep employees safe and keep the picker unit in place.
Tenders are invited for clamp, dead-end, aluminum, straight-line spring-loaded, side opening without clevis or socket eye fittings, #4 acsr thru 336.
For decades, connector manufacturers have relied on traditional spring-loaded, or pogo-style pins, to provide highly compliant, reliable interconnections.
Target connectors are used in place of SMT pads on a printed circuit board as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins.
Mill-Max has added a through-hole version of 2 mm pitch spring-loaded connectors to complement the surface mount version.
com)-- Schaevitz LLC Alliance Sensors is pleased to introduce its GHS-19 series of spring-loaded LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) gaging sensors.
As indicated in the attached photos, the cylinder pin cap is different, and there is a spring-loaded side release.
That's when you secure the upper part of the DAGR behind the mount's spring-loaded pins, also known as plungers.
The PROSTAFF 5 offers spring-loaded instant-zero-reset turrets to make field adjustments easier than ever before.
It's easy to build up hours of excitement, as kids can use the easy spring-loaded claw to grab and lift the compound.
These low profile spring-loaded connectors are just 0.
The high-speed, steel-blade on the cutters produces smooth, accurate cuts and is protected by a spring-loaded blade guard for enhanced worker safety.