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A burrowing nocturnal rodent (Pedetes capensis) of southern Africa, having long powerful hind legs with which it leaps like a kangaroo.

[Partial translation of Afrikaans springhaas : spring, to leap up; see springbok + haas, hare.]
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In Asia and northern Africa, this type of rodent is represented by the jerboas (the family Dipodidae); in North America, it is represented by the kangaroo mice and kangaroo rats (family Heteromyidae); in the deserts of Australia, it is represented by the jerboa-rat (Notomys, family Muridae) and the kultarr (Antechinomys, family Dasyuridae); and, in the deserts of southern Africa, it is represented by the springhare (Pedetes, family Pedetidae).
Within each territory, aardwolves construct 5-6 dens, usually by enlarging vacant springhare (Pedetes capensis) burrows (Richardson 1987b, Anderson 1994).
jaculus may have more in common with the springhare (Pedetes pedetes) of Africa or woodrats (Neotoma sp.
Their findings indicate that bipedal mammals such as humans, kangaroos, springhares and jerboas have a more forward-positioned foramen magnum than their quadrupedal close relatives.
We gazed at steenbok and ostrich and springhares (resembling mini kangaroos) and learned how to identify their trails in the sand.