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Either of the points at which an arch begins to rise from its supports.


(Architecture) the level where an arch or vault rises from a support. Also called: spring, springing line or springing point


(ˈsprɪŋ ɪŋ)

1. the mechanical springs with which any of various devices are equipped.
References in classic literature ?
It was as if the devil was in him, for he sprang here and sprang there, now thrusting and now cutting, catching blows on his shield, turning them with his blade, stooping under the swing of an axe, springing over the sweep of a sword, so swift and so erratic that the man who braced himself for a blow at him might find him six paces off ere he could bring it down.
Yet he faced his foemen with dauntless courage, dashing in, springing back, sure-footed, steady-handed, with a point which seemed to menace three at once.
4 : to move quickly by or as if by stretching and springing back <The lid sprang shut.