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Adj.1.springless - lacking in elasticity or vitality; "went off with springless steps"
inelastic - not elastic; "economists speak of an inelastic price structure"
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Esther recognised him at once; she had often seen him before, though with her huge indifference for all that lay outside the circle of her love, she had never so much as wondered who he was; but now she recognised him, and found him ten years older, leaden and springless, and stamped by an abiding sorrow.
Some said he was poor, some said he was a wealthy miser; but he said nothing, never lifted up his bowed head, never varied his shuffling gait by getting his springless foot from the ground.
The springless frozen earth under Bert's feet felt strangely dead and heavy after the buoyant airship.
The event could be called a tractor pull since it had one towing a springless bed salvaged from a mid-'60s Ford pickup converted to a shooting platform.
Papery bedding tucked neatly into the corners sprawls in a white plain over the springless mattress so that when I fall onto the bed it only ejects a mildpoof.
They feature springless non-linear suspension to protect worker hearing by cutting vibration-generated noise of in-plant trailers up to 50%.
The Packaging Company offers new designs for its springless airless bottles, which don't contain any metal-and this is another option if you're looking for green.