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Adj.1.springless - lacking in elasticity or vitality; "went off with springless steps"
inelastic - not elastic; "economists speak of an inelastic price structure"
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Esther recognised him at once; she had often seen him before, though with her huge indifference for all that lay outside the circle of her love, she had never so much as wondered who he was; but now she recognised him, and found him ten years older, leaden and springless, and stamped by an abiding sorrow.
The springless frozen earth under Bert's feet felt strangely dead and heavy after the buoyant airship.
Some said he was poor, some said he was a wealthy miser; but he said nothing, never lifted up his bowed head, never varied his shuffling gait by getting his springless foot from the ground.
Limited Tenders are invited for Diaphragm For Springless Pneumatic Actuator Of Siemens Make
MSOP has also obtained waivers from the Department of Health, which allow the facility to circumvent the statutory standards of care established for mental health facilities; as a result, Moose Lake can use springless beds, double-bunk patients in undersized cells with smaller, inoperable windows, and generally establish a more prison-like facility.
The company's Merkel RPM 41 radial shaft seal is unique in relying upon a springless seal lip design made from a special elastomer material with a very low compression set.