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Noun1.spy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosionsspy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosions
artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite - man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon
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Tokyo: Japan on Sunday successfully launched a back-up spy satellite, its aerospace agency said, after cancelling an earlier lift-off due to bad weather.
Amidst several speculations the military experts confirm that the mysterious object was a Russian spy satellite.
Israel launched a spy satellite Ofek 10 into space on Wednesday evening, Arutz Sheva reported.
With the new center, the government could give its missile, nuclear and other classified operations advance notice on when a spy satellite would be overhead so they could shut down any secret outdoor operations before a spy satellite arrived.
The spy satellite was named "Gokturk" and it is now under construction by Turkish engineers.
21 (BNA) The United States has launched Delta IV Heavy, the largest rocket ever, carrying a spy satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
Israel launched its new spy satellite Israel launched its new spy satellite, the Offeq-9, on 22 June from the Palmachim airbase in central Israel.
Israel launched a military spy satellite late on Tuesday which Israeli media reports said would help it monitor Iran's nuclear program, Reuters reported Wednesday.
Israel has launched its latest military spy satellite, reportedly increasing its capacity to intelligence-gather on enemies such as Iran.
The Pentagon denied it can carry bombs and its suspected use is as a spy satellite.
Police refused to confirm reports a US spy satellite or specialist army teams from Northern Ireland were used in the search.
WASHINGTON: Debris from an obliterated US spy satellite is being tracked over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans but appears to be too small to cause any damage on Earth, a senior military officer said yesterday.