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Noun1.spy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosionsspy satellite - a satellite with sensors to detect nuclear explosions
artificial satellite, orbiter, satellite - man-made equipment that orbits around the earth or the moon
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spy satellite Zuma that was launched aboard a SpaceX rocket on Sunday reportedly failed to reach orbit and might have been lost, Xinhua said.
Eyeing the Red Storm: Eisenhower and the First Attempt to Build a Spy Satellite.
The luminous objects witnessed in the sky of certain regions in the Southern parts of the country were the burning of the booster of a missile carrying the second US spy satellite named NROL-52 which was fired from Florida, and on the other side, Russia also had a simultaneous firing (of missile) to place a capsule in a satellite which was launched last month," General Elhami said.
After a series of satellite launches last week, the United States launched a second secret spy satellite Sunday.
This year, the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is encouraging people to get even more creative in this arena, releasing a series of videos that show people how to make origami creations in the shape of two of its flagship creations: The Arrow rocket interceptor missile and the Ofek spy satellite.
The author relates the story of America's first attempt to build a spy satellite through a program known as WS-117L, which was launched in 1954 by the Eisenhower administration before CORONA, the first functioning spy satellite.
The book effectively argues that development of a spy satellite program was just as much a response to potential Soviet aggression as it was to an overzealous American military straining the domestic economy with funding requests.
The spy satellite will be operated by Japan s Cabinet Satellite Intelligence Center.
Tokyo: Japan on Sunday successfully launched a back-up spy satellite, its aerospace agency said, after cancelling an earlier lift-off due to bad weather.
Israel launched a spy satellite Ofek 10 into space on Wednesday evening, Arutz Sheva reported.
With the new center, the government could give its missile, nuclear and other classified operations advance notice on when a spy satellite would be overhead so they could shut down any secret outdoor operations before a spy satellite arrived.
A week later, it unveiled and launched a space spy satellite that can monitor activities on Indian soil despite cloudy weather.