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squall 1

A loud, harsh cry.
intr.v. squalled, squall·ing, squalls
To scream or cry loudly and harshly.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skvala, to squeal.]

squall′er n.

squall 2

1. A brief sudden violent windstorm, often accompanied by rain or snow.
2. Informal A brief commotion.
intr.v. squalled, squall·ing, squalls
To blow strongly for a brief period.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

squall′y adj.


(ˈskwɔ li)

adj. -li•er, -li•est.
1. characterized by squalls.
2. stormy; threatening.
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Adj.1.squally - characterized by short periods of noisy commotion; "a home life that has been extraordinarily squally"
unquiet - characterized by unrest or disorder; "unquiet days of riots"; "following the assassination of Martin Luter King ours was an unquiet nation"; "spent an unquiet night tossing and turning"
2.squally - characterized by brief periods of violent wind or rain; "a grey squally morning"
stormy - (especially of weather) affected or characterized by storms or commotion; "a stormy day"; "wide and stormy seas"


adjective stormy, wild, rough, turbulent, windy, tempestuous, blustery, gusty, inclement The competitors had to contend with squally weather conditions.


[ˈskwɔːlɪ] ADJ
1. [wind] → que viene a ráfagas; [day] → de chubascos
2. (fig) → turbulento, lleno de dificultades


adj (+er)stürmisch; wind alsoböig
References in classic literature ?
Yes, and we flipped it at the rate of ten gallons the hour; and when the squall came (for it's squally off there by Patagonia), and all hands --visitors and all --were called to reef topsails, we were so top-heavy that we had to swing each other aloft in bowlines; and we ignorantly furled the skirts of our jackets into the sails, so that we hung there, reefed fast in the howling gale, a warning example to all drunken tars.
Joe about with his blue eyes, as his manner always was at squally times.
The wind was blowing directly off Point Pedro and the high mountains behind, and because of this was squally and uncertain, half the time bellying the canvas out and the other half flapping it idly.
Not very; it looks a trifle squally to the eastward, but we are all right till the wind changes.
On the 5th of February, after a six days' passage, of which the first part was fine, and the latter very cold and squally, we entered the mouth of Storm Bay: the weather justified this awful name.
No wind, however squally, could break through the cover they afforded, nor could the sun's rays pierce them, nor the rain get through them, so closely did they grow into one another.
The morning remained squally, and the streets were miserably muddy, but no rain fell as they walked towards the Iron Bridge.
It was pretty squally, and the boat capsized just outside.
Encountering squally weather again in the Bay of Fundy, we tumbled and rolled about as usual all that night and all next day.
The Met department also warned of squally winds which could reach speeds of up to 40-50 kmph gusting to 60 kmph likely over Comorin area and along and off south Tamil Nadu coast during the next 24 hrs and 45-55 kmph gusting to 65 kmph along & off Kerala coast today and 40-50 kmph gusting to 60 kmph tomorrow.
Monday is set to see sunshine and wintry showers, while squally winds, heavy rain and hill snow are expected on Tuesday morning, with sunshine and further wintry showers later.
Forecasters warn of "heavy squally showers of snow" which may cause power cuts and disruption on the roads, with 15cm-25cm of snow possible on high ground, and 5cm-10cm more typical at lower levels.