square deal

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Noun1.square deal - fair treatment
deal - the type of treatment received (especially as the result of an agreement); "he got a good deal on his car"
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It was a business proposition, a square deal between men who did not pursue each other, but who shared the risks of trail and river and mountain in the pursuit of life and treasure.
Oh, I say, Nellie, this ain't a square deal, you know.
But it is not right That men should go hungry and without work when they want to work if only they can get a square deal," Saxon protested.
The law creates a level playing field ensuring 'a fair and square deal to one and all, big and small'.
The cartridge could not have gotten a double charge because the Dillon Square Deal progressive press on which all my .
The old, low-income families, children and various other members of the community need a square deal, so come on Mr Cameron, we are part of this country as well.
The Central Square deal was one of two acquisitions announced by UK Commercial Property Trust yesterday.
Ali Jinnah said, Traders and merchants will always be welcome and they, in building up their own fortunes, will not forget their social responsibility for a fair and square deal to one and all, big and small.
Phil Hogan added that this is a square deal for EU agriculture, for farmers in the developing world, in particular for the least developed countries.
Following a PS400m investment in the Central Square deal between its developer Rightacres Property and Legal & General, the signing of the lease allows L&G Retirement's annunity funds to invest in financing construction of the headquarters.
THE massive nine-figure (count them) Central Square deal we report on today cannot be seen as anything but a massive vote of confidence in Cardiff.
The company was formed in February 2015 and is owned by Square Deal Capital, an Oklahoma City based private equity firm established in 2013.